H E António Guterres

Secretary -General of the United Nations

Montreal, 30th August 2020.

Dear Sir,

1. In April 1994, Rwanda crumbled into chaos as the war engaged against the government of the time since October 1990 touched its horrendous apex. The shooting down of the presidential plane that caused the death of Presidents Juvenal HABYARIMANA of Rwanda and his Burundian counterpart Cyprien NTARYAMIRA, as well as all those on board is publicly known as the spark of the genocide that unfolded immediately, which would claim about one million lives and other far-reaching catastrophic consequences. The subsequent assassination of the Prime Minister, Agathe UWILINGIYIMANA, and other dignitaries created a leadership vacuum, and there was nobody to stop killings that took place.

2. From March 2020 to present, Rwanda has been experiencing extraordinary political disorder due to leadership absence. The declaration of lockdown as a response to tackle down the COVID-19 was done contrary to the Constitutional provisions in regards of health emergency, the Prime Minister has usurped presidential powers, security forces have abused citizens, the country has been put in war-time security measures, to mention a few cases. As a result, the victims of the military manoeuvres have out-passed the COVID-19 pandemic.

3. Information from inside the ruling party, RPF and analyses from all well-placed observers lead to conclusion that Paul KAGAME has suffered a severe disease that occasioned a loss of mental, psychological and physical capabilities, and thus, that the presidential seat is vacant. For a country which was built on dictatorship for more than two decades, a leadership vacuum can have disastrous consequences: the popular uprising is inevitable in front of a monoethnic army which has criminal records and no remorse to kill in order to keep in hands the power.

4. As political actors with interest in Rwanda’s matters, we have been monitoring the situation closely, and as for today, we realise that RWANDA strongly needs an urgent intervention of the United Nations in order to prevent another human catastrophe. More concretely, we urge your notable Office to plead for:

A. An intervention security force to prevent military violence that could erupt as the news for KAGAME’s incapacity becomes unkeepable. The mission of this intervention must be to protect the civil population potentially prey to the forces loyal to KAGAME. The experience of the presidential guards in 1994 should have taught us to be prudent.

B. An assistance to patronize an Inter Rwandan Dialogue that would bring together all active forces, political and civil society to reflect on the future of the Nation. The dialogue should come up with:

- The opening of the political space to allow all the country's forces to play their role in the rebuilding of the nation.

- The proposal for a transitional government that opens the doors to the political opposition and all actors of civil society with the mission of preparing for the democratic elections of 2024.

- The restructuring of state institutions to make them democratic, efficient, and operational bodies.

- The overhaul of the country's law enforcement agencies and the creation of trustworthy services which reflect the reality of Rwandan society.

- The creation of separate committees responsible for various matters including one to study the refugees’ repatriation.

Dear Sir,

We are sorry to bring to your attention that ignoring this urgent call shall make history of humanity and that the responsible shall be held accountable.

Done at Montreal, on August 31st, 2020.

On behalf of ISHEMA Party

Nadine Claire KASINGE

President ISHEMA Party.


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